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Hey everyone I am Brandi Bears daughter just wanted to touch base with everyone and apologize for taking so long with orders but unfortunately Bear is having serveral medical problems at this time. We will no long be taking MOLD orders until we catch up. PAYPAL orders will be on hold until further notice also. if you ordered with paypal you will be refunded.I am so sorry for any inconvenience we are working overtime to catch up.

Some molds listed on here must be made to order. As we have grown it is
impossible to keep everything on the shelves at all times. Please understand we have taken every measure we can to ship your products in a timely matter. Once
 your order is placed  if I do not have it on the shelf it will be ordered
that day to be made. Once we get the item  your order will be shipped..
If we have to ship partial orders we will when it is possible. International orders
 will NOT ship as a Partial Order.


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Soft Plastic how to
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Knobs for Molds
4 " STW400 20 cAVITY pRO mOLD
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